After a tremendous amount of research, countless hours searching for appropriate photographs and illustrations, not to mention numerous proof-reading sessions and a marathon week of indexing my latest book, Soup Through the Ages:  A Culinary History with Period Recipes is in print and ready for your book shelf.  I am totally pleased with the staff at McFarland Publishing and appreciative of their efforts to produce a top quality product while working with me to keep my personality shining through.  The cover design is awesome!

The introduction to the book may be found at

I would like to thank everyone who suggested resources, critiqued a chapter, offered suggestions on layout and organization of chapters, and helping with proof-reading.  In particular I’d like to thank authors Andrew Smith, Sandra Oliver, and Peter Rose; Liz Williams of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, historians Steve Abolt and Ned Jenkins, Jennifer Rumble, native historians Archie Matuck,  Jim Sawgrass, and He Who Stands Firm.  The staff at the Library of Congress were very helpful in navigating through their collections while avoiding copyright problems, and the interlibrary loan staff at the Florence Lauderdale Public Library were a huge help in obtaining some very rare books for me.  A great deal of appreciation is showered on the stores who stock the books.

To order the book, google the title and several sources will pop up such as McFarland’s website where you can order directly from the publisher,,, etc.  All wholesale orders will ship from McFarland.  Individual copies may be obtained from me (Thistle Dew Books) or from McFarland.  thistledewbooks (@) (Separated to reduce spam, type all together).



Thank you, & Blissful Meals,