I found an interesting article this afternoon concerning the amount of food a family consumed within a year, or I should say more accurately, the amount of food the wife cooked for a year.  A Michigan housewife kept a record of her kitchen endeavors and reported to her husband that she had prepared for a family of six:  325 loaves of bread, 83 tins of biscuit, 15 loaves of brown bread, 267 pies, 130 cakes, 35 puddings, 114 dozen cookies, 108 dozen ginger snaps, and 14 chicken pies. 

She did not include meats or vegetables in her record keeping.  By studying this closely we can gain a bit of insight into how she spent her time.  She fell short of baking a loaf of bread per week by 40 loaves, but if we count the brown bread and biscuit we can tell she baked some sort of bread more than a loaf per week.  She made either pie or cake 397 times which is 32 more than one per day, and that is not counting the puddings and cookies.  – The American Kitchen Magazine.  April 1896.    Boston.

           The Historic Foodie.