Ice cream and ice cream treats have a long and varied past, and the 1920’s saw the creation of new flavors and techniques producing delectable treats that were available most any time at the local soda fountain.  The following recipes were published in Jan. 1922 in The Soda Fountain journal, a trade journal for the soda fountain industry.  I’ve passed along those that lend themselves to preparation in a modern setting.


Two cups of ground coffee, two quarts of cold water, one and one half pounds of sugar, the yolks of eight eggs, two quarts of thick cream, and the grated rind of one orange.  Steep the coffee in the water until the strength is thoroughly extracted.  Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and orange rind, and a pinch of salt, and the hot coffee.  Cook in a double boiler until thick and smooth.  Whip half the cream.  Cool the ocffee and egg mixture, pour in the unwhipped cream, and lastly fold in the whipped cream.  Pack in salt and ice for four hours.


One quart of grape juice, one pound of sugar, two quarts of milk, and the strained juice of two lemons.  Dissolve the sugar in the grape juice, add the milk, and lastly the lemon juice.  Mix and freeze.


The strained juice of six lemons and the grated rind of two, one and one-half pounds of sugar, and two quarts of milk.  Scald the milk with the sugar.  Cool.  Add the lemon juice and the grated rind.


Three quarts of cream, one and one-half pounds of sugar; make a pound and a half mixture of preserved cherries, pineapple, chopped raisins, chopped figs, with a little candied citron and orange.  Add to this two ounces of chopped almond meats, and two ounces of chopped walnut meats.  Scald half the cream and the sugar.  Cool.  Combine wiht the rest of the cream, the fruits, and the nuts.  Freeze.

Blissful meals, yall – The Historic Foodie