Sunday we hopped onto the bike and headed toward Eufaula, Alabama to see the historic homes and businesses there and about 40 miles out we stopped at a little dive called Jerry’s Country Cooking for lunch.  The home-made cinnamon rolls we’d devoured for breakfast had carried us about as far as could be expected and when we got into Union Springs we began to look for an eatery.  Jerry’s building is simple and humble giving no hint as to the quality of food that awaited us inside.

The lunch specials were BBQ ribs, baked chicken, and beef tips and gravy over rice.  The ribs immediately got my attention, but when the server dipped into the beef tips and came up with a ladel full of tender beef and rich golden brown gravy I decided perhaps that was the way to go.  Martin’s plate was soon piled high with sides of lima beans and candied sweet potatoes and a cornbread muffin and I couldn’t seem to help saying, “I’ll have the same please”, to which the server asked, “exactly the same?” 

“Yes, ma’am, exactly the same.”

I took the two steaming plates to a booth while Martin went to get our teas.  When he got to the table he also possessed two cups containing what the server told him were our desserts.  I took a quick peek and saw that the cups contained peach cobbler. 

After only a couple of bites we agreed Jerry was an amazing cook, one of those old Southern cooks who was born with a knack for seasoning food just so.  We were more sure of that fact with each bite. 

Finally when we were beginning to worry we’d be so full we’d doze off riding along on the bike we couldn’t resist opening the cups of cobbler.  With the first bite our eyes met across the table and we both went, “Mmmmmm”.  This was no run of the mill peach cobbler.  It was delicious, right down to the last bite.  I considered licking the cup for the last hint of golden peachy goodness but the arrival of our host at the table to ask if we’d enjoyed our meal brought me to my senses. 

Mr. Jerry Baxley was as congenial as his food was delicious and after telling him how much we had enjoyed our lunch and discussing the merits of good Southern food we exchanged business cards and Martin and I saddled up for the last leg of our journey. 

Should you find yourself anywhere in the vicinity of Union Springs I highly encourage you to join the locals at Jerry’s for an unforgetable meal and a helping of real Southern hospitality the way it used to be.  No need to dress up, if we were entertained as warmly as we were while dressed in biker’s leathers, you can’t go wrong with jeans and a comfortable T-shirt.  I’ll be here trying to tweak my peach cobbler recipe.