Part of the excitement and enjoyment of motorcycle riding is looking for some obscure little mom and pop eatery along the route.  We avoide chain restaurants like the black plague, looking instead for a clean (the cleaner the better) but informal establishment where we can sample local favorites.  Sometimes brilliant cooks are housed in the most unprepossessing building imaginable, and diners willing to give them a chance to impress us with their culinary flare can be very pleasantly surprised with the quality of food available.

Saturday on the way to the Victory dealership in Pelham, AL we stopped at Golden Rule Barbecue where we found the atmosphere relaxing with old photos on the wall to entertain us and good Southern barbecue on our plates.  The stuffed baked potato was really good, but should have been served at a much higher temperature.  The barbecue sauce was good and the sweet tea (and unsweet) flowed freely.  I think the original proprietors would be pleased at how the Golden Rule prepares its signature dish and how the customers receive it.