Playing in her new apron, chef’s hat, and pot-holder Gram brought

We had a wonderful weekend putting a cedar playhouse together for my beautiful granddaughter.  I shouldn’t say “we” as Martin and Matt did all the work putting the playhouse together while I played with Madie Belle.  She has all the cookware, clothing, and utensils any cook needs and a beautiful cedar play house with two bay windows, a shuttered window that opens and shuts, a working door, a clock that can be set to any time, a sink and cooktop, even a cell phone.  There is also a bench outside the working window where she can take a break from her hard work.

Just starting construction, there’s a lot of pieces there.


The walls are framed, some of the windows are in, a lot left to do.


The gables are up, roof is next.


Madie Belle inspecting the interior of her new kitchen to make sure it meets her approval.


She seems genuinely pleased with Gram’s choice of cookware. It just happens to match Gram’s French cookware.


The house is complete. We’re home from church, in our play clothes, and daddy has been invited to dinner. Gram found it was easy enough fitting into the tiny house, getting out is interesting.



Like her Gram she can whip up a meal without all the conveniences - just improvise. Waiting for the house to be built she cooks up a surprise for us.

 We enjoyed our weekend very much as you can see.  Gram will be on the lookout for more cool gadgets and utensils for this wonferful new house and for her little cook in training.  I love you baby girl!

Getting ready to crank out something delish!


Casper this is MY house, it's not for dogs!


'C'mone Gram, let's play in my new house!!