I’ve had lots of themes for my Christmas trees over the past, but I have to say I think this year’s tree is more “Us” than any I’ve ever had.  Over the years I’ve been an avid collector of cookware and utensils from various time periods and one of the things I’ve collected is vintage kitchen utensils with red painted wooden handles.  I love them in that form meets function.  There’s a tool for most any job in my collection, many of which are known only to collectors anymore, and the wooden handles and shiny red paint on the handles give them character you’ll never find in metal and plastic.

I also have two forks and two spoons my uncle brought home from WWII on which Martin attached nice red and green ribbons and those are proudly hanging on our tree as well.  There’s an assortment of spoons, forks, graters, strainers, melon-ballers, knives, corkscrews, sharpeners, can openers, mashers, spatulas, etc., all lending their particular unique design to a tree that is uniquely “Us”. 

We came up with the idea recently of using them to decorate our tree and we’ve been really pleased with the way it turned out.  Merry Christmas yall.  I hope you enjoy your tree as much as we do this one.

St Augustine 041

St Augustine 036