It was time to thin the beets so they will produce nice roots for pickling, so frugal me washed the ones I pulled up, gave them a ride in the salad spinner, and tomorrow I’ll be having the tastiest and freshest, not to mention prettiest, salad in town. The red streaks add so much color to the baby beet greens. If you haven’t had beet greens you’ll find them to be vastly under-utilized. As the photo shows, small tender ones are a salad-lover’s dream and larger leaves can be cooked by themselves or mixed with any other green. They cook up nice and tender with outstanding flavor.

This is just one of hundreds of plants and dishes researched for my upcoming book. Believe me, its been some delicious research! There is still time to plant vegetables and having no space is no excuse. If I can garden in raised beds and pots in my tiny yard anyone can be successful at it. As always, Blissful Meals! – the Historic Foodie

Update: My salad was so fresh and clean, vaguely earthy, and so tasty I ate every sprig. If I hadn’t already done it last night, I’d be planting more this afternoon. How can you lose? A cup of beet greens has only 39 calories and NO fat yet they supply 220% of our daily allowance of Vitamin A and 60% of vitamin C. The two containers I planted last night are just for the baby greens. I won’t worry about thinning them because I’ll be harvesting the leaves and won’t be concerned with the roots having enough space to grow. Today I truly enjoyed a Blissful Meal!