The first genealogy book published by Victoria was “Guardian Angels: A History of the Killen and Related Families“. She continues to get requests for it long after available copies were sold and used copies sometimes fetch handsome prices in antique stores. Families include Springer; Thornton; Gresham; Mitchell; McDougal; Phillips; Wright; Stutts; and many others as well as a great deal of information on the early settling of Lauderdale County and North Alabama.

Victoria is currently editing this book and the information being added will double the size of the first edition. She has also added additional photographs and welcomes submissions. Her plans are to offer this treasure in CD-ROM form in order to keep it at an affordable price. With the additional information that has been added printing costs would be prohibitive for some readers. Those who purchase it, can print it and bind it themselves if they so desire.

Please stay in touch with Victoria at:
thistledewbooks [at] yahoo [dot] com for updates.

The Brady Bunch & It’s Many Family Connections” is almost ready for release. This book traces the Brady family and its numerous connected family names (Brady, Hershey, Shannabrook, Swartzbaugh, Weisensale, Zartman, Hess, Albright, Staub, Buck, Strausbaugh, Bewerts, Driscol, Riehm, March, Klein/Little, Teal, Becker, Klinepeter, Kohl, Kramer, Mattheis, Hoenegger, etc.) of Pennsylvania-Dutch country. Some of these families are traced from decades or centuries prior to their immigration from the Palatinate, Alsace, Switzerland, etc. to the colony of Pennsylvania to present.

This book was written primarily for the Brady family from McSherrystown, PA, but will be available to anyone who is interested in or descends from these many families. Victoria was honored to receive an invitation to join the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society while researching the area history,the culture, and the families documented in the book.

Victoria can be reached at thistledewbooks [at] yahoo [dot] com or 256-349-4310. Enquiries and discussion are welcome.