My internet and home phone were installed July 3rd, today is July 29. The installer strung a cable across my property (on the ground, not on poles), across an adjacent farm road (on the surface of the road, not lifted over the road), and up the main road to a connection box promising to return within a maximum of 2 weeks to bury said cable. I knew when he left we’d seen the last of him and sure enough the cable is still across the farm road with tractors and farm equipment, pick-up trucks pulling heavy loads of cattle, etc. driving over this cable dozens of times a day, every day. I’m surprised this cable isn’t already cut on rocks and gravel and the next time it rains and I get nothing but static I may well find out that it is already worn through.

When I called customer service I immediately knew I was speaking with someone physically sitting at a desk outside the U.S. After trying twice to explain the situation and the customer service agent having no clue what the situation was, or why it was a problem, I asked to speak with someone who could speak English well enough to understand what I was saying. She summoned her supervisor, Chris, who was little better. I asked him where he was and his comment was they are in the Philippines. I have nothing against anyone from the Philippines, but there are two things very wrong with this scenario.

First, while able to speak rudimentary English, the agent was totally unable to comprehend what I was saying enough to understand the problem and that I wanted it remedied. It took me 20 minutes on the phone before her supervisor came in and finally understood the situation enough to put in a work order. I think both of them thought I was just fortunate to have internet and phone regardless of how shoddily it was installed whereas I am opposed to having heavy equipment driving on the cable to my devices dozens of times per day.

Second, when the unemployment rate in this country is at an all time high and the economy is completely in the toilet, why can’t AT&T (and other companies) employ Americans at home in the U.S. to man these customer service lines? Outsourcing these jobs is a direct affront to the American people who want to work for wages and support their families. AT&T – you do not deliver what you promise and if being scored between a low of 1 and a high of 10, right now you’d get about a 2 at best.

UPDATE 8-6-14. I received a call from a repairman this morning saying he was there to bury the cable. He wanted to tunnel under the concrete driveway – which is the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from the way the cable has to be run. It is laying there on the ground, all he has to do is walk from the house and follow the cable to wherever it meets the box up the road. How did this man possibly decide to dig the trench for the cable in the opposite direction??? Having this installed was obviously a mistake, but one I’m now roped into until the contract expires.