In former times a chicken or turkey pie was commonly served as a main dish, maybe with a few additional dishes of vegetables or pickles and perhaps bread and fresh butter.  The type and amounts of ingredients varied with each cook, but the basics were chopped meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and perhaps chopped parsley with a nice chicken gravy to bind it all together.  This mixture was sandwiched between two rich crusts and baked until the crust was a nice golden brown.

One usually made openings in the top crust through which steam could rise venting the bubbling filling.  This year my husband surprised me with a couple of pie birds in my Christmas goodies, and I couldn’t rest until I used one.  The photos show one the chicken pie before it was baked and after with the pie bird’s head peeking through the top crust.  The pie bird did its job and the pie came out quite lovely, not to mention tasty.

As old man Winter blows his chilly breath around every corner and the temperatures plummet outdoors, try Grandma’s way of warming her family by baking a chicken pie of your own.  If you’re industrious as I was, whip up an old-fashioned egg custard flavored with just the right amount of nutmeg and gently slide it in beside your chicken pie.  Oh my, how the aroma lifts the spirits while the pie warms the insides.