My last post was a tongue-in-cheek look at country life and some of the situations we’ve encountered.  It was exaggerated but based on real adventures.  Anyone dreaming of making a similar move should know it can be hard work if you want your place to be productive, but the rewards are worth it.  I love sitting out on the porch with my morning coffee enjoying the peace and quiet and watching the birds begin their daily routine.

The crack about dreams of our lawn looking like something from House Beautiful was just that – a joke.  I do love flowers and color and plant various roses, bulbs, and blooming shrubs hoping that someday I’ll be able to look out and see something blooming almost year round, but beyond that, we are far too busy to worry about manicuring the lawn.  One of the positives of aging is realizing what is important in life and letting go of what isn’t.  That means spending time with my husband and watching our little piece of Heaven come back to life as we continue to update the house and reclaim the property.  Our time is limited and I’m all too aware that life should be fun, therefore, the grass may need cutting and the floors may need sweeping, but I’ll be admiring the flowers and ignoring the grass and dust.

I had one comment on the piece and it was from a nice lady that seemed concerned about our dog because we had tried having her on a lead, albeit a very long one that allowed her access to almost the full width of the property which is considerable.  It was our hope that as she aged she’d settle down and stop killing poultry, but when we realized that wasn’t going to happen I found her a good home.  She’s now living with a very nice gentleman on a large cattle farm where she can run and play as much as she wants without a chicken in sight.  He has a male Aussie that is trained to work cattle and he is certain that because the dogs are so smart and have natural herding tendencies he can train her to emulate him and also become a working dog.

I trust everyone enjoyed Memorial Day but also remembered why we celebrate it.  We attended the memorial service at a nearby national cemetery and I was humbled and honored to be the wife of a retired Marine who claims six brothers who were Marines.  The cemetery is located in a picturesque country location and is the same sort of peaceful setting we chose to spend our life.  It is probably where our bones will be laid to rest when the time comes.  So much sacrifice has been made by so many for this country.  I hope everyone took a few moments to reflect on that and remember loved ones.  The afternoon was spent indulging in a rare nap and watching movies with the most wonderful man I know.  Life is good.  Life is better in the country.    – Vickie Brady, aka, thehistoricfoodie.