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The updating continues at a furious pace although we’re growing increasingly less energetic. I am not complaining because we can see an end to our labors on the horizon, and the home is going to be just what we want in every respect. By doing the work ourselves we know what went into it and it is not what some contractor slapped together that will last just long enough for him to make a hasty exit, check in hand.

Martin spent last weekend sanding two bedroom floors, and because we couldn’t find the sander he wanted available anywhere in a rental, he used what we could find and it took twice as long as we expected. The wood underneath the old carpet is beautiful though and with a little more tweaking and finishing it will be as beautiful as the day it went down.

While he worked himself to death on the floors, I pulled the weeds in a large bed, and spread 10 bags of mulch on the top of what was already there. Weeds, be gone!!! Once that was out of the way, I pulled out the painting supplies again and went to work on trim and bathrooms. I painted the window, window and door trim in the dining room, I painted the guest bath and all the trim and cabinets in it, and then I painted the vanity, inside and out, closet, and all the drawers from the master bath. Everything looks so nice and clean!!!

This weekend I plan to paint the walls in the master bath while Martin continues to work on the hardwood flooring. Once he’s finished sanding in the two bedrooms, I will paint those windows, trim, and baseboards, and guess what???? There will be no more interior surfaces left to paint, and installing porcelain tile in the hallway, living room, and kitchen will be the end of the flooring projects. Woohooo!

I bought pink and red Knock-out roses to put in the flower bed in front of the house to replace the raggedy boxwoods. I never cared for boxwood and couldn’t resist an opportunity to replace them with the roses that will provide color from spring to frost.

I have a day off work coming up and I plan to use it to make living room drapes. It took me weeks to find just the right fabric, and fortunately it was on sale for 40% off. It was still pretty pricey, but much less than ready-made drapes. (Those high school Home Ec classes have sure come in handy over the years). The fabric is gold, a touch of the sage green from the dining room, and rust plaid which will go nicely with the gold area rug with vegetable dyed light floral design we already have. I’m headed back to Ross for another extra-long curtain rod. The one I bought for the master bedroom was $19.95 there, compared to around a hundred bucks from department stores, overstock.com, or amazon.com.

Photos soon. -THF