I recently purchased several items from an estate which are being offered here for those who may be interested. I have described each item to the best of my ability, however, make no guarantees. Clothing was inspected for damage, laundered and pressed – it is ready to wear to your next event. There are jackets paired with petticoats, single petticoats, shoes sizes 7 1/2 and 8. The mules are 7 1/2, the brown suede shoes size 8. The petticoats have twill tape closures (as they should) and are adjustable in size. The jackets are basically size medium, but the short gowns could be work with a stomacher to fit a larger woman. I purchased the items hoping to help anyone who wants to get into living history on a budget – they are in good condition, but priced considerably less than new garments. Thank you for looking. Any questions should be sent to thistledewbooks @ yahoo.com. Purchaser will pay shipping costs. Feel free to share with those who might be interested.

Silk ribbon embroidery on dark green velvet reticule.

Petticoat in pale gold color, side ties. Fabric content unknown.

Cotton petticoat, side ties, adjustable size.

Close-up of fabric for this petticoat, fabric content unknown, but appears to be machine embroidered linen, gray/silver/white colors. Ties closed with twill tape.
Heavier cotton petticoat in narrow blue and white stripes, Trimmed in coordinating fabric. Ties closed, adjustable size.
Light weight cotton bed jacket with gold stripes. Unlined. Excellent for hot weather.
Short gown (some of the ties are missing, will require cording for lacing or new ribbons for closure). The jacket is a nice maroon color lined with black cotton. Fabric content of jacket unknown, but feels like a heavy satin. This petticoat is a lovely maroon with white machine embroidery. There is also another petticoat which pairs well with this jacket and would allow mixing to make two ensembles. The other petticoat is shown in the next photo – it is black cotton with black machine embroidery. Jacket is roughly size medium but would fit larger if worn with a stomacher.
The same jacket as shown in the previous photo with the black petticoat. Jacket is roughly size medium but would fit larger if worn with a stomacher.
This is a nice short gown jacket, lined in white cotton, (needs cording for lacing), roughly size medium, but will fit larger if worn with a stomacher. There is a reversible stomacher offered in a separate photo – brown linen on one side and green linen on the other. The skirt appears to be cotton check.
This short gown has cuffed sleeves, closes with pins up the front, roughly size medium, but will fit larger if worn with a stomacher. The petticoat is pale yellow/beige and ties closed.
Petticoat in blue and white, fabric content unknown, appears to be cotton.
Bed jacket, fabric content unknown, appears to be cotton. This would pair well with a variety of colors for a petticoat.
Petticoat, cotton, tie closure. See photo below for close up of fabric.

Close-up showing fabric pattern for the previous petticoat. It is cotton with tie closures.

This bed jacket is light weight linen, unlined, in a lovely shade of pale yellow. The petticoat is the same shade of yellow with narrow white stripes. The petticoat has tie closures, the jacket will close with pins.
This petticoat is tan/beige color with stripes. Fabric content is unknown, appears to be cotton. It has tie closures. It will pair well with the pale yellow bed jacket in the previous photo should someone desire an additional petticoat for change.

Please see the information at the top of this post, and email questions to thistledewbooks [@] yahoo.com. Thank you for looking. These are well-made, good basic garments, which have been previously worn, perfect for someone beginning to assemble a period wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.