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Victoria live on WGN Chicago cooking from her newly released book. Cooking on live television is interesting to say the least!


Dearest Madie:

Please tell your mommie and daddy that Nana is leaving for Chicago on Weds.
morning August 19th. She can take a taxi to the airport so as not to
disturb you and Mommie, and daddy can pick me up at the airport on Sunday
August 23 at 1:00. I would be perfectly delighted to stay a couple of days
and play with you before I come home. I’m sure your Uncle Josh will just
jump at the chance to keep the menagerie of dogs that live here while I’m
gone. I will bring you a present from Chicago. It’s the big exciting “cold
in the winter, hot in the summer, and very windy” little town in Northern
Illinois. You’ll know all about that some day when we study all the places
Nana goes to. Watch for Nana on WGN, channel 9 on Friday, August 21st at
noon. Hurry and learn to go potty and maybe mommie and daddy will let you
go with me sometimes when we stay in one of the nice inns with indoor
plumbing. Daddy worries otherwise, cause you might get a little dirty at
the fort.

Be a good girl, Nana loves you very much.

For those unenlightened individuals, my first grandchild is due July 10th.  Her name will be Madison Isabelle, or Madie.  I just know we’re going to have loads of fun together. I’ve already shopped for her very own set of child-sized cookware and dishes for the playhouse I intend to put in the back yard. 

I have the honor of preparing one of the soups from my newly released book, Soup Through the Ages, A Culinary History with Period Recipes and discussing the book with the host of the Lunchbreak Segment for WGN TV, Chicago.  I am excited to have an opportunity to discuss the delights of period foods with a diverse group of viewers.  Often when I do cooking demonstrations they take place at some historic site which brings in, for the most part, history-oriented visitors.  This will give me an opportunity to share the merits of one of the classic foods as it evolved through the centuries with people from all backgrounds.

Blissful meals yall,

The Historic Foodie, Victoria Rumble.

[Update:  Preparing cheddar cheese soup on live television (WGN Chicago) was a wonderful experience.  Despite the stress of working my way through a divorce, my friend, Linda, and I had a very exciting weekend in Chicago.  The producer changed his mind a dozen times right up to 5 minutes before the spot was to start on live television, but everything came off without a hitch.  The interviewer and members of the cast and crew ate every bite of the soup – even swabbing out the last bit adhering to the pan with a piece of bread.  I was honored they enjoyed it, and pleased to let the audience know that period food can be quite tasty and within the reach of any cook who cares enough to provide it for those he or she cares about.]


From my live cooking segment on WGN Chicago