This is the third post on this subject and will give, in full, Nathan Bailey and John Worlidge’s instructions for making brawn and brawn to souse [Dictionary Rusticum.  1726.]   Gentle reader, you will notice that both receipts instruct in the rolling of the flesh as discussed in the previous articles.  You may scroll down to them for additional information.

BRAWN OF PIG:  the Pig must be no way spotted, yet pretty large and fat, and being scalded, draw and bone it whole, only the head is cut off, then cut it into 2 collars over thwart both the sides, and being washed soak them in Water and Salt 2 hours; then dry them with a clean Cloth, and season the inside with mingled Lemmon-Peel and Salt, and roul [roll] them up even at both ends, and putting them into a clean Cloth bind them about very light; and when the Water is boiling, put them in, adding a little salt, keeping the Pot clean scummed, and when they are sufficiently boiled, hoop them and keep them in an even frame, and being cold put them in a souced drink made of Whey and Salt, or Oatmeal boiled and strained, and then put them into such Vessel as may be conveniently stopped up from the Air.

BRAWN TO SOUCE.  Take fat Brawn, about 3 Years old, and boning the sides, cut the Head close to the Ears; and cut fine Collars of a side-Bone, and hinder-Legs, an Inch deeper in the belly than on the back, bind them up equally at both ends, soke them in fair Water and Salt a Night and a Day, put them into boiling Water, keeping the Pot continually scum’d; and after the first quick boiling, let them boil leisurely, putting in Water as it boils away, and so lessening the Fire by degrees, let them stand over it a whole Night; then being between hot and cold, take them off into moulds of deep hoops; bind them about with Packthread, and when they are cold, put them into Souce-drink made of Oatmeal ground or beaten, and bran boiled in fair Water; being cold, strain it through a Sieve, and putting Salt and Vinegar thereto, close up the Vessel light, and so keep it for use; But if you would have this Pickle to continue good, and the Brawn preserved through the whole Year, some Spirit of Wine, or choice Brandy must be put therein, a quart to every 3 Quarts or Gallon of Souce-drink.  © 2012